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Enhance your professional journey with IHNA Skilldemy's Skill Sets. Tailored for those balancing life and career growth, our units of competency are your stepping stones to industry relevance. Engage in targeted training for job-specific skills, upskilling, or licensing all aligned with vocational standards.

Each unit offers a flexible path to enrich your profile or, through the Recognition of Prior Learning, build towards a full qualification. Embrace lifelong learning, reskill for the future, and seamlessly transition between courses with our stackable credentials.

The IHNA Global Skills Training Academy, also known as Skilldemy, is a dynamic initiative by the Institute of Health and Nursing Australia (IHNA) aimed at elevating vocational education in healthcare. Skilldemy specialises in offering non-accredited, internationally-focused training courses, developed by IHNA's curriculum experts for offshore delivery.

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The renowned institution for health careers and provider of a comprehensive set of courses.

Elevate your institution's educational offerings through a partnership with IHNA Skilldemy. We extend beyond course delivery, fostering reciprocal capability building. Benefit from faculty development, vibrant student and staff exchanges, enriching guest lectures, and collaborative research opportunities. Together, we can create an educational ecosystem that not only imparts skills but also fosters innovation and shared expertise.

Use of IHNA Skilldemy courses

To engage with IHNA Skilldemy's comprehensive educational offerings, partners are invited to formalise their collaboration through a partnership agreement. This accord ensures adherence to the meticulously crafted learning materials, assessments, and clinical protocols established by IHNA, maintaining the integrity and quality of our courses across various educational settings. This partnership framework underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare education globally.

Use of the Online Assessment Platform

For optimal clarity and adherence to our educational standards, IHNA Skilldemy mandates partners to utilise our approved assessment tools through the Online Assessment Platform. These tools, including queries, guidelines for assessors, records of outcomes, mappings, and templates, ensure uniformity and quality in student evaluations. For areas with limited internet access, our offline assessment application can be employed. Additionally, partners are encouraged to provide face-to-face tutorials, enhancing the student learning experience.

Working with Partner Organisations

IHNA Skilldemy partners may enter into arrangements with other organisations to deliver the IHNA Skilldemy courses. To partner with IHNA Skilldemy for course delivery with third-party, it's mandatory for all prospective partners to obtain prior approval from IHNA. This ensures that any third-party or partner organisation is fully equipped and committed to uphold the educational excellence as mandated by the IHNA Skilldemy Program Guidelines and Partnership Agreement. It is the duty of the Skilldemy partners to guarantee the capability of local Partner Organisations in co-delivering courses and to uphold responsibility for their conduct regarding the IHNA Skilldemy courses.

Protecting intellectual property

IHNA holds all intellectual property rights for Skilldemy course content, including course outlines, learning materials, and assessments. Partners are required to comply with our intellectual property policies, ensuring that the dissemination and usage of our course materials align with the agreed terms of the Skilldemy partnership agreement and established guidelines.

Issuance of Certificates and Statements of Training

Graduates who complete all units in a Skilldemy course will be honored with an official IHNA Skilldemy Certificate. Learners who only finish part of a course will receive a Statement of Training, recognising the individual units they have completed. It is important to note that only IHNA can issue certificates, ensuring that all credentials reflect our high standards and compliance with Australian educational guidelines.


IHNA Skilldemy partners are obligated to accurately represent their services. They must not claim to deliver training or issue certificates as per the VET Quality Framework of the NVETR Act 2011 unless explicitly stated. All vocational education and training, assessments, and certifications must be conducted strictly in line with the specific guidelines of the Skilldemy courses Program and the terms outlined in any partnership agreements established with IHNA.

This is not to preclude the IHNA from offering ‘gap’ training or full Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications in accordance with the requirements of the VET Quality Framework.

Fee collection

In adherence to legal and contractual obligations, all tuition fees for Skilldemy courses must be remitted directly to IHNA Australia. Skilldemy partners are expressly prohibited from soliciting or accepting any course-related fees from students. This policy ensures transparency and regulatory compliance in financial transactions related to course delivery.

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